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In 2003, WhatsApp introduced a new feature for its users called WhatsApp Channels.

It is a one-way communication where the channel admin stays in touch with their followers through videos, stickers, and images. Unlike WhatsApp groups, you don’t need admin approval to join. Instead, you can directly follow the channel owner, like Instagram and Facebook.

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How to join WhatsApp channel links

Whatsapp Channel links
  • Go to the update section which is next to chats on WhatsApp.
  • Click on explore.
  • There are five options explore, most Active, Popular, New, and search by region.
  • You can find a channel based on your interest.
  • Copy the link and paste it into WhatsApp channel search.
  • You can directly follow the link without admin approval.

Key Features of WhatsApp Channel Links

One-Way Communication:

WhatsApp channel is a one-sided connection. Channel admin can send videos, images, and articles to their audience.

WhatsApp channels have the best privacy to date. Both admins and followers have the option to hide their phone numbers and profile images in the community.

There is no limit to followers. There would be millions of followers and you can talk to them through videos, images, stickers, and articles.

You can react to posts in the form of emoji and WhatsApp counts these reactions. You can share the admin post as well.

You can start or expand your business through WhatsApp channels because there are no limits to the number of followers. Your audience could potentially reach a hundred millions.

WhatsApp also verified the channels of famous personalities and people who are experts in their field. This adds authenticity to your channel in a more professional manner.

“As we know content is king”. Always share quality and helpful content with your audience. Your followers will increase automatically.

Share your channel link in the social media and join groups which are your niche related and put your channel link there.

Post your content regularly. Engage your followers with scheduled posts.

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WhatsApp channel links are helpful for content creators who want to pitch to the target audience.

It has great privacy protection features. Join and share our popular WhatsApp channel list. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for future use.