The Secrets And Importance of Sex In Our Life

Right from our childhood’s days, we have been taught many things, but sex certainly is the least taught of all. Due to lack of proper orientation towards the subject, it has been kept in the dark valleys of secrets not discussed and, like all things kept in such secrecy, it is bound to explode.

ex is a vertical force that has the ability to either populate the world or destroy it. In the hope, therefore, of revealing the tremendous use to which man can put this creative energy, I shall dare to reveal some of its secrets. On this subject, reason has long been slain and logic dumped in the maximum security prisons.


What Sex Represents

Sex is the source of energy of life and creation. The primal energy of the universe came as a result of movements in the creative darkness. The bible describes it as the coming out of the light. The Let there be Light command in Genesis is the sex play of the spiritual light with the creative darkness.

Sex is the primal energy of the universe. When the bible states that you are wonderful and fearfully made (Psalm 139:14), it also acknowledging what great mystery the generative organs and their sacred game that brought you into being are. Sex is the gateway to your existence. Just imagine what happened on the day of conception. Millions of your father’s sperms sprouted forth into being and like inspired soldiers raced through dark corridors, climbing every mountain height possible and descending the deepest valleys, surmounting every obstacle, in a desperate search for the sacred mystery shrouded in sacred egg.

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